Sunday, December 25, 2016

Creation of spirit

I think that deliberate creation of a good spirit is something we should all spend some time on.  A strongly male approach can take the view that "Humbug!  We don't need no stinking spirit."  The idea is that tough guys (and gals) can take things as they come and don't need cheering up or cheerleaders or hoop-la about the beauty of the world and that sort of nonsense.  I can see that such an approach is incorrect.

It takes courage and strong good manners to smile in the company of dour looks and determinedly tense bodies whose owners are expecting trouble and are ready to put it down.  It takes a sharp eye and an engaged mind to see the situation and think accurately about it.  If you really want to ridicule me and trash my friendliness, I at least want to recognize your intent.  If I can, I want to more or less neutrally state my desire for your happiness.  I don't want to overdo the sugar but neither do I want to under do it.

I will practice the skill of lightly wishing you a good day, having at hand some aspect of its goodness for challenges.  When you growl,"What's good about it?", I may judge it safe to remark that you have an impressive growl (for guy challengers) and a lovely one (for gal challengers).  Over time, I may have such fun at creating a somewhat upbeat spirit, that neither of us notice that my attitude helps us both.

Several religions teach us that we see the world through our own eyes and feel its nature with our own spirits.  So, if we try regularly and gently to notice the goods and be thankful for them, we increase our joy.  It is wise and profitable to notice the bads, the dangers, the pain but we get to choose what to emphasize in our hearts, even while solving mysteries and fighting evils. So, ok, daily

  • Brush your teeth

  • Take your vitamin D

  • Tilt the world toward cheer

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