Saturday, December 31, 2016

A neighboring blog

About a semester or two ago, our group that is focused on learning and exploration of topics called Learning Is ForEver (LIFE) got a new secretary/administrator, Zia.  I learned today that Zia has a blog.  She gets my posts and I am impressed with her blog.  Zia is Hmong ('mung'), an ethnic group from the hills and mountains of Vietnam, Laos and other nations in Southeast Asia.  

The Hmong assisted the US forces in the Vietnamese war and many migrated to the US.  

Zia's blog is titled "HmongLovesKorean" and emphasizes the story of a marriage between two young people from different nationalities.  She says that many Americans more or less consider all Asians to be the same but they include very different cultures and backgrounds.

Zia is quite busy being a wife, a mother of two very young children and a full time employee in the department of continuing education at our local university.  She posts in her blog when she is in the mood and has the time.  Her blog is very nicely laid out and can be viewed here:

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