Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Getting a little clearer

Lynn got this from a friend and thought it useful and helpful so she sent it to me.


I recommend it.  Joan C. Williams is a very good writer and thinker.  I looked her up and found that she is a professor of law and evidently works on gender bias situations and other causes related to the advancement of women.

I was born at the start of World War II and I know that the Depression was mostly supposed to be past by then.  That does not mean that habits, fears and worries sparked by the Depression were forgotten.  Poverty, financial reverses and limitations have not featured largely in my life but the article above helps me realize that many Americans have had a different experience.  The article linked above goes a long way to showing me some of the pressures and challenges that have been a central part of many lives.  The situation was not helped by the recession of 2008.

From what I read, it will be another emerging challenge to see how to live with the trends of artificial intelligence and machine learning.  We face this and many other issues with the same basic biology and emotional structure that we have had for the last millennium.  Evidence is emerging that human and other biological evolution can and does move along and create change more quickly that most people thought, but we probably still have not caught up with our current needs.

Respect, optimism, good cheer and good manners are very much needed.

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