Friday, November 11, 2016

Chili for 40

We knew that yesterday would be busy.  The local Quaker meeting makes and serves a dinner for the local Salvation Army shelter once in a while.  Lynn came home with two enormous cans of seasoned beans and 10 lbs. of ground beef.  Our family of four households has a rotating Nesco roaster electric pan which rotates among us as needed.  Browning that much beef, even in our largest frying pan, took more than one batch.  Lynn chopped up many onions and garlics and added chopped green pepper.

Once it was all together, it simmered for several hours.  It was scary driving that much semi-liquid food over to the Hope Center.  Lynn sat in the back of our Honda Fit with the chili on a lower seat beside her.  I took the turns slowly and steadily.  I had been able to carry the pan into the car but Lynn got a big guy to carry into the center and down the hall to the kitchen.  We planned all along to eat out after getting that food there.

Lynn was in New York recently and saw several plays.  When she came home, we wanted to eat out and we went to a-soshel, a new restaurant in town.  The place did the job of making her feel that she was still eating in specialized places.  That is where we ate again last night.  It is expensive by local standards and maybe by any standard but it is decorated in a way that you know immediately you are not in MacDonald's.  I had the lamb and it was the best I've had in years.  We are eager to hear how the chili went over.

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