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Today was essentially the last day of our trip. Tomorrow we leave here at 8 am (2 am Stevens Point time) for the first leg of our trip home. So this is my last letter. 

This morning we had a bus tour of Belfast. Much of the architecture of that city is Victorian, and it's quite pretty and ornate. We saw several universities and government buildings. It seems that many of the churches that lose their attenders are turned into other things, often pubs. We also drove through areas of "the Troubles," or the fighting between the Protestants (the ones who want to be part of England) and the Catholics (who want to be independent.) it seems that peace reigns there now, and there are many murals on walls about various issues, people, and such. 

Our longest stop was at the Titanic Exhibition, on the site where the Titanic was built. This exhibit was about five stories high, and displayed information about it being built, the people on it, the sinking, the calls for help, the survivors, and much more. It takes a good bit of time to go through. If you ever go to Belfast, I recommend that you give it a visit. 

We have switched back from pounds to euros and tomorrow we'll go back to dollars.

We are at our final hotel, the same one we were in when we arrived in Dublin the first time. We have our farewell dinner in less than 45 minutes. 

It's been a good trip. I don't look forward to tomorrow, except for the getting home (I hope) part. 


1. A mural
2. The Titanic Exhibition building.

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