Sunday, February 28, 2016

Save $50 on Our Best-selling Ancestry Kit

We did this twice.  It is only about ancestry, not medical subjects.  For me especially, doing this gave me a better grip on where I come from and when.  You get more if you have a male, likely a brother, do it since he carries both X (female) and Y (male) chromosomes in his body while females only have X.  The price is usually $200.  The insights can be enormous.  Lynn had no idea of her Native American side.  Her looks give no clue.  The latest tech tells how much of a person is Neanderthal.  I am 4%.  I am 2% Denisovan, another branch of humans.  Have you noticed my stocky build and my primitive personality?
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The Great Human Race

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Main blog: Fear, Fun and Filoz
Main web site: Kirbyvariety

Twitter: @olderkirby

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