Thursday, February 18, 2016

Clicking on the wrong button

Animals basically breathe, eat, sleep, eliminate, fight/flee and procreate.  They don't ponder and they don't maintain records.  They don't do business.

We are animals and we do all the things the other animals do, one way or another.  But on top of that, we do ponder, imagine and we do business.  So, we calculate, we record, we price and we balance accounts.  That sort of business is faster and more accurate if we use a computer.  So, we get into computing.  Whether it is a laptop or a tablet, with a mouse or a finger, we make things happen.  But those tools are newcomers for us.  Quite a large portion of currently living humans have never seen or used such devices.

We are able to redesign our tools with updates as we seek better tools and better layouts of buttons and of instructions in their use.  But we are still using a nervous system that is more or less the same as those used before electricity, internal combustion engines and inside plumbing.  So, an old guy who is concentrating on the shot, on transmitting the shot from the iPad to the computer, on inserting the shot, properly cropped, into the page can be a little distracted.  His eyes pick up the brightly colored "Send" button and part of his brain decodes the symbols and clicks.  Zip!  The blog post for tomorrow, not today, is sent out to all those computers, from which it cannot be retrieved.  Damn!

Note to recipients: please don't read the wrongly-sent post until tomorrow.

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