Saturday, February 6, 2016

Busy again

It's an old problem.  We fight it.  We know about it.  We resist it and we guard against it but we still get too busy.  It can happen naturally despite working to avoid it.

Some nights we don't sleep too well.  By morning, we are just getting into good sleep when it is time to wake up.  We don't feel like waking up but important events call and steps need to be taken.  Of course, with the other things that need to be done, the trash cans throughout the house need to be emptied and the trash bin put out before the trucks go bye.  Two separate coffee pots of caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee made.

We have a Chinese teen-ager staying with us for four days as part of the local university's program to give foreign youngsters a chance to visit the US and try northern Wisconsin.  Most of their visit is about our college of natural resources and good stewardship of the planet but a chance to be in an American home for a few days is a good element, too.  He gets to shadow a high school student and see what that level of school is like here.  

Yesterday, Lynn served fried eggs and bacon.  Would he like to try our cereal today?  She is just getting awake herself but she shows him our cereals. He requests eggs and bacon.

Her kiln is loaded and has been fired.  It needs to cool down from 2000° F and it has been cooling since yesterday.  It's cool enough now but she won't get to open it until this afternoon.  She is too busy: breakfast and yoga class in a few minutes.  

I have to get him over to the high school and zip back here to get shaved and showered for a class in a few minutes on the social media us older folks might want to use instead of boring old email and phone calls.

I did make the class and got home for lunch.  Deciding on a topic for the blog, getting it written, meditating, starting Natalie Goldberg's new book The Great Spring - all in time for a meeting with my retired philosophy prof friends and dinner out.  I think we will just get everything done by bedtime.

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