Saturday, March 28, 2015

National Science Foundation YouTube channel

This is from this week's Internet Scout.  I thought you might be interested if you don't already watch.  This sort of "subscription" these days just means that you get a notice of the latest additions.  I haven't watched these yet but I will get to them.  The note about all being short is attractive to me.  I have noticed that there are certain steadily available sources that are good to keep in mind that tend to more or less run parallel to books.  You Tube and You Tube "channels" are one of them.  The app stores for Android and Apple are another.  The short, free or inexpensive apps may include games or other activities that make something clear in a new way.

5. National Science Foundation YouTube Channel


Nearly 13,000 viewers have subscribed to the National Science Foundation's YouTube channel. It's not a secret why. These well-produced and often poignant presentations have managed to pack so much into such a small space. Nearly all the videos clock in at less than four minutes. Many of the clips are just two or three minutes long so readers can easily learn about the birth of planets, the details of the tropospheric ozone, and the wonders of biomedical engineering - all within the timespan of a quick coffee break. The hundreds of available videos are broken into categories such as Computer Science, Brain Research, and Education, among others.

Whether you are looking for an interesting tidbit to add to your lecture on Geoscience or you are simply curious about conservation efforts in Central Africa, there is much to enjoy here. [CNH] (these initials identify the Internet Scout person who wrote this blurb)

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