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The big consumer computing companies: Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Google and Facebook, are always looking for new ways to make money and/or a name for themselves.  They wouldn't be big, famous and successful if they didn't do that.  I use products and services from the first four every day.

Of the four, Amazon sells the greatest variety of products and therefore has a great many deliveries of physical objects and substances to my door.  They are the company that has been connected to the recent publicity about delivering orders by small aerial drones.  I live in a small city in a rather remote section of the country and delivery is a big deal since many products typically available in large cities are not here unless specially ordered.

Amazon is also the company that had the first electronic reader that I paid attention to, the Kindle.  I did plenty of 'distance education', where the student watches tv or reads web pages or a book and answers questions to earn a grade.  Most of that work was done by way of computers and electronic transmissions.  So, the idea of getting a book electronically appealed to me.  When I found that their system used cellphone-like methods to transmit entire books in a flash through the atmosphere to my reader, I was (and still am) enchanted.

Not all the wrinkles about rights and responsibilities have been worked out in the matter of ebooks but for the most part, I am a big fan.  But these companies and others are always trying to find additional services and sources of income that work better in one way or another than competitors and traditional methods.

This morning, on the Amazon web site, I find what is to me a new service, home services, from cleaning to (seriously)  goat grazing (see links above):

Home Improvement

Home Cleaning

General Repair and Odd Jobs


Electrical and Wiring

Appliance Repair & Installation

See all

Lawn & Garden

General Outdoor Repair

Equipment Assembly

Gutter Cleaning

Grill Assembly

Pressure Washing

See all


Car Stereo Installation

Tire Installation

Car Battery Installation

Backup System Installation

Car Coaxial Speaker Installation

See all

Computer & Electronics

TV Wall Mounting

Home Theater

Repair and Tech Support

iPhone Repair

Virus and Spyware Removal

See all


Voice Lessons

Aerial Yoga Classes

Academic Lessons

Musical Instrument Lessons

Language Lessons

See all

Other Services

Goat Grazing Service

Singing Performance

Interior Design Project

Local Move Project

See all

Coming soon to your area

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