Wednesday, October 29, 2014


I spend a lot of time being sleepy and I don't like it.  At night, I sleep pretty well.  I have had a sleep-over at the local hospital's sleep lab.  Never found any pathology.  Sleep has been a pleasure all my life.  I am a rather antsy person and I think I have used my energy rather well during most days.  So, between jumping up and down and moving about, and doing some walking, short runs and the back exercises a physical therapist told me to do, I do get some use of my body and muscles during the day. I try to be a bit tired by the end of each day.

I have read about the optimum nap length in various places and I have come to the conclusion that 20 minutes has been found to be refreshing.  I often find that simply sitting in a chair and nodding off for just a few minutes of genuine sleep ends the sleepiness until bedtime.   I have mentioned the app "Sleep Genius" for iOS and Android.  It has been helpful and so have the notes on the Sleep Genius website.

I read somewhere that a cup of coffee elevates one's pulse about 3 beats per minute.  Using my oximeter, I find that breathing deeply and rapidly for about 20 counted breaths gives me at least that much increase in heart beat speed for a little while.  Sometimes, if I am not going to frighten those around me, I breathe rigorously for that many breaths and it does pep me up but not as much as even 2 minutes of actual sleep.

Once my granddaughter and I visited my father.  He and my stepmother were talking in the living room and during a lull in the conversation, he nodded off to sleep.  His wife shouted that they had company and he should wake up.  Once, in his 90's, he fell asleep while driving and drove into a tree.  I am going to try to avoid such problems as I age.  Hope I can.

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