Monday, June 30, 2014

What I found out

I found out that when two people live together and one of them goes off on a trip, that only leaves ONE person!  One person to figure what to have for meals, to shop for the goods, to cook, and to clean up.  I have many friends who live alone and I don't hear them complaining.  But I am complaining: there is suddenly too much to do!

One friend says that when you live alone, all your faults disappear.  But that is not working.  My faults have doubled.  Bring in the mail, wipe down the counters, spray the hornet nest, get more milk, and bread and bananas.  Oh, I forgot to get the mail.  Oh, there is a bill to pay so I better go write a check.  Did I wipe down the counters?  I have to deter that darned ants. I probably did.  Now, where did I put that bill? Did I take my morning vitamins today?  Don't forget to exercise.  The laundry is piling up.

The rooms have moved further apart and what I want is always somewhere else.  I am getting more walking done tracking down where I put what.  I saw this morning that Garfield spent time and energy organizing mice, spiders and Odie, the endlessly enthusiastic and energetic but thinking-challenged dog, in a conspiracy to hide Jon's everyday items, like wallet and car keys, leaving Jon to worry about aging and his brain.  Unfortunately, I don't have a cat so that is not my excuse.

What I found out is that this woman I live with gets a hell of a lot done.  I haven't had any of the grandkids over.  I haven't made any salads or casseroles for special occasions.  I seem to be slowly sinking behind.

It also seems that time moves faster, in bigger chunks when I am in the house by myself.  It is not 10 to 15 minutes at a time but 30-60 between time checks.  I think it is because there is plenty to get deep into and no one and fewer things to distract me.

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