Tuesday, September 17, 2013


I have over 1500 posts in my blog.  They started in 2008 although they were not regularly written at that time.  Of course, they vary in quality and relevance to any given day or person.  Still, from time to time, I like to go back and see what I wrote earlier.

Yesterday's post is the first time (as far as I can remember), that I have purposely reposted something from a previous day.  I didn't want to try and use my judgment so I used Excel to give me a random number.  I was directed to November 28, 2009, a post about computers, their changes over time and cloud storage.  That day was nearly 4 years ago but the material is still relevant, although more companies and organizations are vying for your attention, even if the cloud storage is free.

Sometimes people who receive the posts in email state that they haven't read them all.  It is no surprise to me and I think it makes lots of sense not to read them whenever a person gets too busy, too bored or too engaged with something better.

I mostly write the blog to record ideas, avenues, themes, directions, adventures, tendencies and puzzles that pop into my life.  I haven't felt as though I have a real writer's block and been unable to get any idea but I do sometimes get pinched for time.  If we take a trip or something comes up, it can be difficult to concentrate enough to develop a coherent statement. All the while, the large body of writings I have amassed haunts me.

I know that repetition, as in re-reading, reflection, re-consideration can be rewarding.  So, there are going to be times when playfully or seriously, I re-post.

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