Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Possible new sports, Olympic and otherwise

I know a fidgety woman who can't stand still while brushing her teeth.  It only takes a few seconds of using an automatic toothbrush and she starts to get into motion.  Maybe grabs a rag and polishes a mirror.  Maybe starts a load of laundry.  The wandering toothbrusher got me to thinking of a possible contest in which we see who can be the most imaginative use of only one hand while avoiding letting the powerful brush spatter toothpaste all over things.

I really have been watching my sleeping patterns lately and that got me thinking about another contest: sleeping.  Who, given their age class, can stay medically asleep without the aid of drugs for the longest time?  We have to have age classes since it would be unfair to pit a 70 year old against an infant or a three year old who can zonk out for 12 or 13 hours straight without a second thought.

I found after following up on a suspicion that there are many sleeping contests around the US and there are probably just as many outside of it, too.  Sleeping is such a big part of our lives that it isn't surprising that it has its competitive forms.

The author James Gleick tweeted the other day that some Japanese professor is pushing for a new Olympic sport of hide-and-seek!  Japan just won the hosting of the 2020 Olympic games and I read that wrestling will be reinstated as an Olympic sport for that session of the games.  I have no idea what Olympic-level hide and seek would look like.

These candidates for additional sports and Olympic contests gives me another idea: a contest for original, funny or provocative sports and contests.  Sounds like something for the New Yorker.

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