Thursday, July 4, 2013

Handy, inexpensive path to joy

Some people have too little cheer in their lives. We have a method for a quick dose of joy that works easily, locally and inexpensively.  No animals need to be hurt to use our method.

  1. Find some small object of importance.  You might choose a tv remote or a thumb drive.  We prefer our keyring.

  2. Bring the object into the house after a trip.  It can be a long or short one.  The method is more effective if there are several items to be brought into the house from the car.  Most effectiveness comes from carrying the chosen small object (CSO) along with some of the other items that are to be brought in.  

  3. Without paying too much attention and while experiencing simultaneous stress at all the unloading mixed with the joy of being home and finishing a nice trip, place the CSO in some inconspicuous and unusual place.  Don't use inside the refrigerator or freezer since the CSO might be damaged by the cold and that location is reserved for serious senility or disease.  Leaving the CSO in the bathroom after a quick visit or dropped into the basket of laundry to be done might work well.

  4. Let some time pass while you look through the accumulated mail, simply rest or make out a grocery list.

  5. Now, need the CSO to watch tv, drive your car or simply to be sure you have it.

  6. Search diligently without finding it.

  7. Look beneath the couch cushions, in each pocket of each garment that you have worn lately.  Be sure to look beneath the bed where the CSO might have been tapped by an insensitive shoe after silently falling on the carpet.  There is always the possibility that somehow the CSO was accidentally or absent-mindedly dropped in the trash.  The kitchen trash with orange peels, coffee grounds and eggshells is especially memorable to search while in a panic or rage.

  8. Set your teeth on edge in a positive commitment to find the missing CSO, whatever it takes and however long a search is required.

  9. Eventually discover that you inadvertently dropped the object in a pair of shoes or left the CSO in a stack of clean bowls.  It can be especially entertaining to find it in a garment or backpack that you have already searched multiple times.

  10. Let joy, the pure pride one has in doing a difficult job well, wash over you.  Break out the chocolate!

Repeat daily or as desired.

(Note: this report was inspired by the advanced work by Dr. Nancy Kaufman in creating a birthday cake for her daughter)

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