Friday, June 21, 2013

Several miscellaneous bits

history of BIA - I had never paid much attention to the federal Bureau of Indian Affairs until our recent trip through Pueblo and Navaho lands.  On the tour, we heard about a freeze on construction and construction repair that lasted for 30 or more years, which resulted in people living in buildings without roofs and even in cardboard boxes for that long a time.  Looking at some sources for this note, I find that the Bureau of Indian Affairs, which has administered Federal-Indian affairs since 1824 was started by a single man, not a law.  From what I have heard, it does not have a good record of wise dealing with the more than 500 separate native tribes and groups.

Sound effects - I am interested in ways to make sounds for the sound track of audio and visual work.  I saw a video once where the sound of men punching each other in a fight was actually produced by punching a defrosted turkey body.  I once was given a set of items used for sounds, including rubber half-spheres to be clomped against my chest to simulate the sound of horses galloping.


Information diet, distractions and a satisfying balance of concentration and exploration - I thought this sounded like a good book but after reading the reviews more carefully, I decided not to get it at this time.  Two ideas that I have picked up are that news close to a source might be better and the internet makes it easier for people to choose sources that confirm their present opinions instead of providing information.

sneezing, coughing lessons some people need - I was walking along the rim of the Grand Canyon on a paved sidewalk.  It was a sunny day and people streamed along in both directions.  I heard English, Spanish, German and something that might have been Russian.  Tourists from all over.  Suddenly, a woman screamed.  Everybody around froze.  Then, she did it again and everyone realized it was her way of sneezing.  I am advocating instructors and several different types of physicians and scientists offer sneezing lessons to everyone found by the NSA or anyone listening to have a natural sneeze that is too alarming to others.


Grandma drove right over roundabout, knew way - Around our way, roundabouts are being installed.  Supposedly, they are better than stop signs or traffic lights.  They are not popular or even understood by everyone.  We heard of an elderly woman who didn't get the concept, knew where she wanted to go and simply drove across the middle of the whole thing.  Be on guard!

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