Monday, June 3, 2013

Senior electronic living

About a year from now, my friend and I plan on giving a presentation to mostly senior people on the various electronic tools available.  Here is a rough rundown on the possibilities.


  • desktop computer: PC/Windows, Mac/iOS, other such as Linux

  • laptop: ditto

  • netbook: smaller and ditto

  • iPad: can do much of what the above can do

  • Other tablets that compete with iPad: Amazon Kindle Fire, Google Android Galaxy

  • smartphone - minicomputer/phone, battle between Apple and Google (Android)

  • Kindle, Nook - readers can connect to internet with "cellphone calls" for books, email

Software on own computer or device

  • Operating system: Windows, iOS, Linux

  • Basic productivity like word processing and spreadsheet: Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, etc.)

  • OpenOffice (free alternative to Microsoft Office)

  • Browsers for traveling around the World Wide Web: Windows Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc

  • Apps (applications), either Apple iPhone and iPad or Android (Google system), more than 400,000 apps from Apple for nearly any purpose you can imagine

  • Games, such as several that are part of Windows operating system

Software on the web somewhere

  • Facebook (a billiion users world wide and one of the 5 biggies w/ Microsoft, Apple, Google, Amazon)

  • Twitter (only 140 characters, inclu. spaces)

  • Other social: LinedIn, etc.

  • Web-based email: Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail

  • Google Docs (alternate and free Office-like software)

  • Picasa and other photo storage and "album" depositories

  • Google Sites for your own free web site

  • Google "Blogger", Wordpress and other free blogging sites

  • Feedly and other "readers", places to collect latest posts of favorite blogs

  • Games such as those on the AARP web site

Storage of files on the web

  • Google Drive

  • iCloud

  • Amazon Cloud

  • Dropbox

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