Thursday, June 6, 2013

Making myself younger quickly

I think it is inevitable that I wear out as I age.  The wearing out can take many forms but one of them is various aches and pains.  I have read that it is good for me to wear three or more different pairs of shoes, changing to a different pair each day.  The idea was that it takes more than a day for a pair to dry out from a day of wearing so it is better to change among three pairs rather than just two.


I can't say that I followed that advice but I did wear a different pair from yesterday's for years.  In 1974, we spent 2 ½ months in Europe.  There was quite a bit of walking involved and the local shoe store introduced me to Clark Wallabees and SAS Time Out shoes.  The Wallabees have since been moved to China and are not quite a good as they were.  They were never hugely popular, having 'plantation' crepe or gum soles, which is quite heavy compared to most shoes.  However, I like a shoe that is comfortable to walk a couple of miles right out of the box and these met that criterion very well.  At the time, the SAS Time Outs seemed good but not as much so as the Wallabees.

Things have changed, of course, since then.  I am wearing Time Out most days all day.  More standing at my elevated computer and keyboard, aging, and maybe other factors were creating a slight pain in my hip.  I put up with it.  I massaged it.  I alternated sitting in a good chair and standing but it was not helping.  So, I purposely put on my ASIC running shoes for a change.  Instantly, I had a readjusted skeleton.  My hip felt fine.  On my walk, I felt young and spry.


I guess that the body does well with some variety.  Different chairs, different sleeping positions, different exercise, different kinds of reading and entertainment.  Different clothes and a variety of food.

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