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Excepts from What if you are "bad" at meditation?

"Search Inside Yourself" is a book and a Google employee's course and a course you can take online.  This business of being "bad at meditation" is totally false, bogus, a misunderstanding.  (The links take you to the post.)

Excepts from

What if You're "Bad At" Meditation?  Click to read the post

People often have concerns about being "not good" at meditation. They say things like:

  • "I've tried meditation before. I'm not very good at it."

  • "I can't sit still for that long. It's just not for me."

  • "I get distracted very easily. I'm not a good meditator."

If you've ever meditated before and walked away feeling like you didn't do a good job … this is for you.

The truth is, the worse you are at meditating, the better it is for you. In fact, you're doing your meditation just right. Even if you're doing it "wrong." Here's why.

What if You're "Bad At" Meditation?

The "Perfect Meditation" – It Doesn't Exist

Beginning meditators often think that there's a "perfect" way to meditate. ...Yet that state of feeling distracted, spacey, emotional, sleepy (and so on) is exactly what meditation is all about.

Meditation: It's Like Training for Your Brain

The brain muscles that you "work out" during a meditation mimic the brain muscles that you need to develop in your everyday life.

In meditation, you might practice noticing when you get distracted by stray thoughts, then bringing it back to your breath. This has a direct impact on your ability to focus ...

You Can't Be "Bad At" Meditation

Meditation is a practice. You start from where you're at, then practice keeping and moving your attention in different ways. Those ways directly translate into real life benefits.

If you were perfect at meditating already, there'd be almost no reason to meditate...

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