Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Who will I be on my day off?

What will I do with myself on my day off?  Who will I be when I am not being me?  Lots of possibilities.  I am in the habit of being my usual self.  What happens if I make some notes about what I do when, what I usually wear and where I go and then try something different?  One thing that will happen is that I suddenly want my usual path.  My chosen activities are a pretty good fit for me right now as I am.  Ha!  Instant gratitude!  Thankfulness for what I have and am, where just recently I was looking down on my life at present.

Reminds me of a quick path to gratitude for one's friends and lovers.  Here is the recipe: think of a person whose company you love to have.  Then, review your life just before meeting and contacting that person for the first time.  Think of the review as a story, maybe a tv movie.  As the scriptwriter for the show, what change might have happened in the story so that you and the person you love to be with might never have met.

In the same way, consider that many people in the world younger, your age and older, get by on the equivalent of a dollar a day.  If you have a bit more, think of why that is.  Some people suspect that our spirits existed before our conception and that we deliberately chose our parents.  I think it was pure chance.  Since I have to admit I am pretty special, I am thankful for the lucky break I got having them.

While trying out a different version of myself, I can try writing with my left hand even though I am right-handed.  That is not a good idea for writing checks and other documents that need to be legible but for my personal challenge, it is ok.  Similarly, switching hands for my fork and for holding the mouse quickly makes me glad that my usual hand is as competent as it is.  There are many ways of being new and they tend to make me glad I have my old, comfortable self

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