Friday, March 15, 2013

Four points

Seeking quiet: architects should use their ears says a TED talk on buildings and their improvement when designed for quiet.  A.J. Jacobs is the guy who spent a year reading the encyclopedia, a year living according to the Bible and a year following all advice on being healthy on his new-found value of quiet.  He has a TED talk summing the healthy year and one of his takeaway conclusions is that quiet matters to quality of life.  I add that good ear protection and ear plugs, and proper use of headphones with lower volume, is important.  One way older people have to work for quiet is against tinnitus, ringing in the ears. Where I put my awareness seems to be my best tool for not being bothered by tinnitus, but it also seems to help to wear my hearing aids.

Plants lure with jolts of buzz

Difficulties and worries in a scientific age: does she really love me?  Is he just putting me on?  Is my feeling of optimism genuine or just a brave but phoney front?  We learn critical thinking, evidence collection and evaluation and scientific thinking. Some of these tools are not useful in deciding personal questions of relationships or such things as career directions.  Knowing about scientific investigations can be an obstacle to good people transactions if applied injudiciously.

Presentations in which the visual and audio distract - More and more, people seem to think that a video is better, will be more popular and useful, than text.  So, they hire a pro to make a video that will get the point across.  Or, they take a course or several in the making of a video.  American and increasingly all videos have sound tracks.  The sound track should be fun, upbeat and maybe loud enough to obscure the speech of the speaker.  The visual part will also be made colorful and fast moving, and cute and also upbeat.  Has to be.  I innocently open the video only to be blasted and distracted by beats, flashing this and that.  When it is over, I don't know what I saw but I know it was cute, colorful, fast moving and exciting.

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