Thursday, December 15, 2011


Fundamentals of life: getting a new car?  Thinking about a new car?  Don't forget the first move: new bumper stickers!  After all, first things first.  See, we try to live the fundamentals: good diet, exercise, enough sleep and bumper stickers!

Not too many!  That is a lesson from the success of Google: as with good eating, you can do more if you keep a rein on the quantity.  A bumper sticker or 2 but no more per car, please.  Otherwise, it becomes a jumble of stuff and not a message extolling whale song or whatever you care about enough to tell the world (at bumper level, of course, and only fleetingly).  

If you also care about the joys of pepper in chocolate, there are other spaces to advertise your sentiments and advice.  I saw a short article or comment where someone got interested in wireless network names.  Like the use of vanity license plates, people decide to use more interesting names for their networks.  When your computer or smartphone or iPad or Fire needs a signal from a wireless network, you can see a list of such networks that it can detect.  One might be called HarryNetwork but why not name it ChocolatChiles or HotCoco or PabloNeruda ?

There are, of course, the names used on auto licenses, those 'vanity' plates.  Some can be quite tricky to decipher.  When just the first letter of a phrase or sentence is used, the result can be even more encoded: WWJD and WYSIWYG are two examples of such usage, although not from car plates.  The first, about Jesus as an example, doesn't have a pronunciation, as far as I know, but "wizzywig" is the pronunciation sometimes used for "what you see is what you get".

Most any name can be given a sexual slant by those who wish to do so but otherwise all sorts of names and reminders to be a good person can be built into our naming opportunities.  One of my favorite passwords was the first letters of "many opportunities to see what comes next", reminding me to stay alert to new things that come along and offer excitement, fun or pleasure.  Passwords can be good moral or health reminders but can't be shared safely.  Network names are sometimes more advertisable. 

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