Monday, August 29, 2011

Where the heck are they?

Have you lost something?  Not just a momentary misplacement, like your keys not being on the usual hook but really lost.  I wonder where such things go.  I mentioned lost things to Lynn and recalled the wind chimes we had before moving.  They were light but had a terrible sound, bamboo.  We called it the wind clack.  We could never locate them.  Not in the basement, not in boxes of housewares.  Never recovered.

We have recovered items.  Once she misplaced her keys.  When your car key is on the main ring, and you used them for driving, you pretty well know you had them when you came home.  The trouble was, I had been driving so maybe she left her keys behind.  She did one time at a restaurant, where we had switched drivers.  Now, this time, where were the silly keys?  Maybe left behind in that restaurant we stopped in for lunch yesterday?  Get on the problem!  She phoned every place we stopped.  No one had found any keys.  We searched under all the furniture, under all the cushions - nope.  

Several months she decided one day to do some yard work.  It was chilly and needed that gardening jacket on.  The keys!  Left in the pocket of the gardening jacket, which hung quietly in garage while we searched and wondered and stewed.  

But recently we had one of those lost objects that has simply not been found.  A different set of keys and a car remote.  Those little things are expensive and we have racked our brains but so far, to no avail.  

I have heard that St. Anthony is the patron saint of lost objects.  Maybe we can get his assistance for the wind clack, the car remote and the other things we know for sure we used to have but cannot find anymore.

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