Thursday, August 11, 2011

Seven at one blow

The little tailor in the fairy tale killed 7 flies with one blow and had all sorts of adventures stemming from that feat.  Here I am talking about a different sort of feat, one that involves communication.  People often complain about getting too many emails or similar messages.  Of course, the obvious ones can be trashed immediately, often by software.  But still there maybe a great many emails from people you care about.  

This post mentions one model for handling several worthwhile messages with a single response, maybe seven or more.

My  friend is one of the merriest, cheeriest, most jovial people I know.  But she is a little difficult to email.  She vastly prefers text messages.  So, I have been using text messages (Google Voice makes them easier and faster than my cramped little phone).  Meanwhile she gets to her computer once in a while.  The other day, she wrote this:
  1. I enjoy reading your postings and thinking about them. I had forgotten about Lao Tzu until you mentioned him in Wisdom of the East. That very day I took a neighbor to grocery shop and in the parking lot I noticed a license tag with three letters: TZU  I wondered master? old? anything?
  2. How clever of your brother-in-law!  Did not see that coming and sooo wish I had been the one who thought of asking for extra gluten. That is so humorous to me even in light of having close relatives who struggle with this issue.
  3. I am learning that you not only cook but you also can whip up a great cuppa joe! Do you order the beans from a special source? By the way, Doctor Oz advises all of us to have one lite beer everyday to help regulate cholesterol.
  4. On a ready smile vs.a poker face ... There may be cultural influences at work, too. A friend, originally from Holland, tells me that when she returns there for visits, her relatives and friends think she's gone mad because she smiles so easily at strangers.
  5. An unexpected rescue is the catalyst for a poetic tribute to your bride. How lovely to express appreciation in general and to include just enough details. I believe you two are the real deal!

Ok, so it is five and not seven.  In her cheerfulness, she is the one who began wishing me a happy Wednesday even though it was not a special day for either of us.   She could easily have wished me a happy (insert day of the week here).  You can see that the format lends itself to quick comments on many posts that can be made, sent and enjoyed by the recipient, and the whole thing light and speedy.
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