Friday, August 12, 2011

One friend responds to another

Bonnie is a friend who has known me since we were the 6th graders together when I was 11 years old.  She writes:

Your blog post reminded me of how one person's cheer can lift many. I felt perky just reading her responses to you. I'm feeling rather perky myself in that I'm going to a party on Sunday. It is a 50th wedding anniversary celebration held at the same wedding reception place where my daughter was last celebrating.

I will know many of the people there, and have used this occasion to whip myself into shape. Yes, I am vain, and have enjoyed every minute of dress shopping online, having a new hairdo, and all the fun stuff known to women.

Lest you fear all this make-up buying has rotted my brain, I wanted to flash back to your wisdom of the East pursuit. I wanted to suggest the DVD, "Secrets of China's First Emperor" which begins over 2,000 years ago, and chronicled the life of Quin Shi Huang. He finished the first Great Wall of China, and it was he who ordered the 7,000 terracotta warriors. "The Last Sumari" covered an overlapping period in Japan. I couldn't recall either title when we last touched base on this subject. The two DVD's propelled us to fact-gather on the Internet as well.

I'm sorry the media spends so much time on Egypt when there were equally fascinating events taking place in the far East.

Still along these lines, I hope you saw the National Geographic on the first religion. It refers to recent finding of temples along the Tiber

River in what I presume is modern Iran. The article made me think of man's need for a God. Perhaps it is the need to explain the inexplicable. The vast temples in many different religious faiths show great effort beyond needing an explanation. For many of us, we come into the world looking for God.

Lots to think about beyond my new turquoise eye shadow.

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