Sunday, August 14, 2011

The king of really slow service

Not too long ago, we and another couple went into a restaurant for lunch.  We waited for an hour and a half to place our orders and left.  That was slow service indeed.  

But the king of really slow service had a different approach.  We were in Scotland with a group of about 40 students.  We were in a hotel where we would be served breakfast.  We assembled at the appointed time and were told to go into the dining room over there.  We all went in and took seats at the tables.  In about five minutes, a very elderly man shuffled in through a swinging door.  He went to the nearest person and said,"Oatmeal or eggs?"  The young man said," Oatmeal".  The elderly man slowly shuffled across the room to a dumbwaiter in the wall, put his head into the space and called downstairs "Oatmeal".  After a short pause, he began pulling a rope to raise the dumbwaiter.  Eventually, he got it up to where he could reach in and take the bowl of oatmeal.  He took the bowl and shuffled over to the student who had given his choice.  He placed the oatmeal in front of the young man and turned to the student sitting beside him.  

Yep: "Oatmeal or eggs?"  "Eggs, please". Shuffle, shuffle.  "Eggs!"  Lower, lower.  Pull, pull.  Shuffle, shuffle to the student who wanted eggs.  The simple breakfast began at 8.  By 10:30, we had all been served. 

People against fast food should go there.

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