Thursday, July 21, 2011

Guest post about Tuesday night

Guest post from Lynn Kirby:
The robin babies were coming out of their shells today, but I didn’t have time to enjoy them.

Last night we had a storm, another violent one with strong winds, almost constant lightning, and really wet. This morning I emptied my rain gauge and it had more than 5 and a half inches of water it. The two underpasses in town were filled with water all day, and one of them had 2 cars with just the tops of their roofs sticking out. Trees were down everywhere, and power was out all night and almost all day for a large part of town. Many streets were closed because of fallen trees or fallen signs. (I was awakened at 12:30 a.m. by a phone call from the emergency system in town telling us not to leave our homes.) Neighbors on both sides of us had trees down in their yards, and this morning I found stuff belonging to one of them in our yard.

Our granddaughter’s neighbor’s tree fell into  our granddaughter’s yard (Heather) in the middle of the night, leaving a broken fence, a ruined vegetable garden, and a downed live electric line. After waiting all day for the power company to fix it, they told her since it was on private property, they have to have it fixed privately, aside from turning off the power on that line and turning it back on when they receive a signed statement from an electrician that all the work has been done and is safe.

People in the whole town had very little sleep last night, because of all the noise of the storm. It was not a tornado, because all the trees and signs, etc., fell in a southeast direction, not scattered. But the winds were still very high.

With a temperature of 97 today and no power for air conditioning, Libby’s daycare was not able to open, so she spent the day with us. Wednesday is also the day we have Noah here all afternoon. Heather and Patrick and their 2 kids also spent the day with us. In the afternoon, Patrick’s parents came and visited for about an hour, too. It was actually kind of fun, but far more hectic than these two oldsters are used to, and we are both relishing the quiet around here right now.--
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