Saturday, July 2, 2011

Flower ego

The British biologist Richard Dawkins famously hypothesized that people are a gene's way of keeping itself in existence.  Viewed that way, a person is just a temporary flower that will create seed, get another generation going (or not) and then die off.  We know that flowers are temporary.  That attribute is part of their charm.  

True, some people make use of artificial flowers and some fake flowers are so close to the real thing that isn't easy to tell they aren't the real thing.   One clue is dust.  I don't know how long it takes dust to be visible on plastic petals but I can never see it on real flowers. 

Right now, the spiderwort in our prairie area is in good bloom.  Despite their name, they are tall, rigorous and pretty plants as well as good-looking flowers.  They have the type of sensitivity that makes the blossom close up on cloudy days and open fully to the sun.  

Flowers remind me of young, nubile, reproductively ripe women (and men). They are tools for the continuation of life.  I wonder if flowers ever balk, like people do, at their role.  Do they ever say, "I know I am supposed to fade in a week or two but I don't want such a short existence.  Why should I fade and go along with life's plans?  I want to continue, beautiful, fed by the sun and the roots and the leaves.  I don't like the idea of fading.  I like being admired and appreciated for my stunning shape and color and smooth surfaces and intoxicating scent.  Maybe if I keep a good attitude and consume a few less calories, I can last longer."

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