Tuesday, July 26, 2011

American women are a good investment

American women are a very good investment: skills, drive, patience, bravery besides tasting good.  Wives can rescue you: mine did just this past week.  

Actually, I am a fan and a follower of women of all types, ages, nationalities, classes and religions.  I am aware of the Chinese fascination with the feminine.  Walter Ong quotes a Chinese document that says the female always wins because of her greater quiet.  I know that some assaulted wives or suppressed women executives don't feel that they have won or are winning.  But see the latest Time cover article on pressure on American males, the sidebar "The Masculinity Mystique", and the parallels with the pressures on women to be everything (supersuccessful executives and sexy bedmates and loving -but tigerish moms, etc.) that have been with us since the 1970's.

But, I digress.  I have been having knee trouble and can't jog or even walk very far.  Biking is ok and I checked the weather before heading down the trail for its end three and a half miles away.  But, by the time I turned around, sprinkles were falling.  Within a couple of minutes, sheets of water were cascading down on me and lightning was quite frequent.  The wind was severe and a little past the halfway point, a blown-down tree blocked the trail.  Another biker and I tried to move it but it was too heavy.  We had to lift our bikes over the branches to continue.  I had just remounted and was anticipating what the open spaces beyond the trees might hold for me in the way of stronger wind and being a better lightning rod, when Yay!  Our van pulls up driven by a friendly wife!!  Rescue!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thanks for being thoughtful and brave and strong and bailing me out.  And, yes, thanks for being gorgeous and ardent, bearing our children, cooking our meals, earning a PhD, washing our clothes, decorating our house, and all the other things a gentleman never mentions but often thinks about.  

If you don't have an American woman, you might want to try to get one.  They don't come cheap and they require lots of maintenance and allegiance but they are a good investment.

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