Friday, April 16, 2010

Important Ideas from Time

I have been wanting to mention "Bandwidth is the new black gold", an article in the March 11 issue of Time magazine by Columbia University law professor Tim Wu.  As soon as I saw the title, I knew it was an important and interesting idea.  At one time, gold was the master commodity and in some ways, I guess, still is.  Later, petroleum rose to the top as a substance to fight over and worry about.  But as we move to more ways to make ourselves rich and happy without some much travel, sending the right kind of signal matters more and more.  The signal has to be in some medium and today's signal transmission uses a spectrum of frequenices and amplitudes.  That spectrum is more and more valuable and, like oil, the subject of more and more squabbling and elbowing.

The issue in question lists Ten Important Ideas for the Next Ten Years.  The ideas are relatively novel and worth knowing about and they are explained by articulate writers who justify their arguments clearly and carefully.  Yet, as modern writers tend to do, they remain interesting and accessible.

All links are live:
The Next American Century - we are leaders and may well be more so, despite our worries
Remapping the World - borders are causing lots of trouble and might be improved
Bandwidth Is the New Black Gold
The Dropout Economy - dropping out might be smarter than we though
China and the U.S.: The Indispensable Axis
In Defense of Failure - the US typically benefits from laws and attitudes accepting failure
The White Anxiety Crisis
TV Will Save the World - "forget Twitter, Google and Kindle"; world wide tv is the next big thing
The Twilight of the Elites
The Boring Age

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