Thursday, March 18, 2010

Chaotic, scrambled

We live an orderly, measured quiet life.  But we do like to escape winter.  "Winter" is from a few days into the new year to the middle of March, sometimes into April.  That is too long a time for tender, tired old folks like us to do without our favorite clothes, books, music, activities and such.  That means that we have to take many possessions with us on our escape trip.  And, we have to truck all that stuff back.  And, we have to unpack it and put it all away in the right place in the closet and the dresser and the cabinet.  We have to, if we are going to ever find it again.  The box of books, the computers - yes, we each need one, really need it, the shoes, the shorts for the warm weather that never came this year, the sweatshirts and sweaters, the folding chairs - my legs are too short for most furniture and my back aches if I sit in it, the router that gives us both internet access simultaneously, the binoculars, the spices.  There is a lot of stuff, indeed.  We use two of the largest plastic tubs (33x22x14) just for most of our clothes.  We have 6 slightly smaller tubs and several bags and backpacks.

This traveling business is fun most of the time but when our clothing and food stuffs and drinks are scattered all over, awaiting the putting away while we sort through an amazing mail of magazines, catalogs, ads and bills, travel seems equal to "mountains of things to be done", to quote a woman I live with and love.

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