Saturday, December 26, 2009

one picture after another

I got one of those electric picture frames for my birthday.  I saw a slightly different model today.  Whether it is a little picture frame or a giant outdoor billboard, the idea that the graphic on it changes strikes me as something new.  It doesn't sound like much.  You have photos in albums so what is the big deal if a picture frame shows them one at a time in your living room?

How often do you sit down with the albums?  You probably have pictures tucked away that you haven't looked at in years.  Still, if somebody digs into the supply and presents a single picture to you, you might be surprised at how swiftly you are mentally transported to the place and time the picture was taken. 

Deciding on the set of pictures you want to have shown might take a little time.  But then you find that the picture files reside on a small "SD card", the same sort of device that holds the same sort of files in most digital cameras.  The cards are removeable and replaceable and surprisingly inexpensive.  We recently bought a 1 gig card for $10.  It may well be possible to get one with more memory for a still smaller price.  The thing is whatever set of pictures you choose to show in an electric picture, you can have another set or several sets on other memory cards.  You pull out one card and insert a different one. 

The free photo-handling program by Google called Picasa can find all your computer pictures that have the same person in them and group them.  That makes it easy to have a collection of pictures of your child at different ages that you can move to a memory card and show in an electric picture frame.  A series of places you have lived or images from the web of places you want to visit can be a collection.

Viewing pictures in a surprising place, viewing a set you haven't seen in quite a while, viewing pictures you normally would see together can jog your memory and bring loved ones close to mind.

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