Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ever wish bad times would recur?

Ever wish bad times would recur?  When I behave poorly in some way and realize a way to practice being better, it comes to me that I won't get the chance to be better until the stressful situation or challenge again arises.  I am afraid that by then I will have forgotten my resolve or my good idea on how to do better.  So, think "Durn it!  I wish I would knock over a water glass at the table again so I could remind myself not to use that language." 

I don't purposely recommit an error or make a mess just to practice handling the situation better.  But it is a sour fact that I will have to wait until an accident happens again to practice being my improved self.  Who knows when I will get another chance?  The length of time will be random.  The event will come upon me without warning and it may be a long time before it does. 

I have had this realization ever since it came to me the first time, when I was in about the fourth grade.  It is similar to the research problem of studying a rare disease.  You don't want to make the disease more common but its rarity makes researching it difficult.  You can try to simulate the problem in a computer.  You can try hypnotic suggestion to increase the chance of recognizing the next occurrence as soon as it happens and remembering to use the strategy or keep the vow you want to apply right away, too.

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