Saturday, August 15, 2009

Attack and reaction

Doris was feeling devilish.  She rarely did so how could we have known?  Or, maybe it was just the irresistible pie.  This was years ago, in the college cafeteria.  We had just sat down at the table with our trays to eat dinner together.  Dessert that day was lemon chiffon pie. 
Our pieces of pie sat unprotected on each tray.  Do (‘doe’) quickly reached out and stuck her finger into each piece in turn, leaving a round, shocking hole in each dessert.  She assaulted our lovely sweets so quickly, with so little warning, that we were taken completely by surprise. 
Do foresaw retaliation from her neighbors and spread her hand over her own dessert to protect it from hole-punchers.  Joe simply pressed her whole hand into her pie.  Yow!  A handful of an ex-lovely piece of lemon chiffon.  Do smeared her ex-pie over Joe's chin.
Joe was quick.  He immediately picked up his knife and began “shaving” himself while looking into his napkin as a mirror. 
The table exploded in applause for the devil and the wit.
That happened more than 50 years ago and I am still enjoying it, with help from my wife on some of the details.

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